Constanța, Romania (Ports Europe) March 12, 2024 – The Romanian Government has approved a key infrastructure project to expand the southern sector of Constanta Port. The expansion project will include new terminals, access roads, and utilities in the region. According to Transport Minister Sorin Grindeanu, the project is estimated to cost around 1.12 billion euros ($1.22 billion). He said it would enable the port to […]

Insight Focus On February 24, 2022, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia marked a significant escalation of the eight-year conflict between the countries and a historic turning point for European security. For international shipping, this has meant disruptions to global trade and increasingly limited trading capabilities with Russia as stronger sanctions come into play, especially those imposed by the European Union (EU). Two years on, […]

Astana, Kazakhstan (Ports Europe) February 13, 2024 – A pool of investment projects worth more than $31 billion in the fields of railway, sea, aviation and road transport has been set up by Kazakhstan. According to the Deputy Minister of Transport Talgat Lastaev, about $40 billion is needed for the transport infrastructure in the next few years to implement all pending projects, including increasing the transit […]

The maritime and shipping industry facilitates the movement of goods across continents. In addition to risks that are inherent to the industry, this critical sector faces other significant challenges and risks that are part of the global landscape. These global risks have been highlighted in the “Global Risks Report 2024” by the World Economic Forum. This report sheds light on various threats, from environmental changes […]

I have drawn attention to the fact that the “authorities” are closing in on sub-standard vessels in the past. This was discussed openly at our AGM in Malta. Port State interventions have improved the quality of Commercial Shipping, but we should not ignore “Climate Control“ and the drive to reduce carbonemissions. Rules on the quality of vessels, and their polluting propulsion systems, are being tightened […]

The Arbitration and Appeals Committee considered a proposal to amend the current procedure at an Arbitration Appeal on the premise that Respondents should serve submissions before the hearing, whereas currently only Outline Reasons for Appeal are served. In addition, they also discussed whether both parties should submit a concise document, in a specified time frame and that the concept of a “joint bundle” should be […]

Following extensive and ongoing discussion of the Scott v Avery provision that is included in the FOSFA Arbitration Clause, the FOSFA Council has approved a recommendation from the FOSFA Arbitration and Appeals Committee to amend the clause so that it will allow parties to seek security while progressing substantive issues of a dispute under FOSFA Arbitration. The amendment will be effective across all FOSFA Contracts […]

The Monitoring Group of BlackSeaNewsand the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies   The analysis has been made based on the database of legal entities subject to sanctions in connection with Russian aggression against Ukraine, maintained by the Monitoring Group of the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies since the beginning of Russian aggression. The database contains legal entities subject to sanctions imposed by: The database is constantly updated. […]


This report is authored and published as part of Global Rights Compliance’s (GRC) Starvation Mobile Justice Team. The Starvation Mobile Justice Team is part of the UK, EU and US-sponsored Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group (ACA) which was launched in response to the need of the OPG to increase capacity to investigate and prosecute atrocity crimes perpetrated since the invasion by Russian Forces of Ukraine. Other […]

Russia’s withdrawal from the Initiative on the Safe Transportation of Grain and Foodstuffs from Ukrainian Ports in July 2023 (Beacon on the Black Sea, n.d.) created significant security threats to the Black Sea shipping regime. The belligerents even issued nearly mirrored coastal warnings (Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, 2023; Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, 2023) that included a) claims that all vessels in […]

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